peterI am Peter Voss (aka Peter Pipenbacher). I studied Biology with Biochemistry and Bioinformatics as major at the University of Köln and received my Diplom degree in November 2001.

I am now working as software engineer and freelancer. I have strong background in large scale data processing mainly on UNIX based systems. And I have a strong background in Java, Hibernate, Spring, Eclipse Plug-in Development, Hadoop and Lucene.

In the past I have been working for

  • German Academic Exchange Service, New Delhi, India (1999-2000) – Web site development & database administration
  • ZAIK – Centre for Applied Computer Sciences, Köln, Germany (1999-2002) – Research on distributed protein comparisons, creator of XMLIO, contributor at GHMM
  • Deutsche Post World Net, Bonn, Germany (2002-2007) – Architect and developer of distributed production system to process more than 1 billion letters per year
  • Williams Lea, Bonn, Germany (2007) – Principal developer of JEE backed Eclipse RCP front end
  • Krugle, Inc., Menlo Park, CA, USA (11/2006 – 11/2008) – Back end search engine developer & consultant, developer of Krugle Eclipse Plug-in
  • EMI Music, San Francisco, CA, USA (03/2009 – 11/2009) – Consultant, cloud computing BI platform
  • Datameer, San Mateo, CA, USA (11/2009 – present) – CTO & lead architect, BI platform

I believe in Agile and Test Driven Development. After many years of C++ development, Java has become my passion a couple of years ago. It’s amazing at what speed Java and all surrounding tools and frameworks are evolving.

I am also co-founder of Horizont Entertainment and I proved that software engineering can be a lot of fun since my cousin Mike Voss and me developed some freeware games for your leisure time (check out our most recent game Vyrox).

If you have any questions or want to discuss technical issues, feel free to contact me at: info{at}petervoss.org


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